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Monday, December 19, 2011

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy tab 7 Plus VS tab 7.7"

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7”

No matter what size you prefer for your tablet, Samsung has it all: 7, 8.9, 10.1-inch plus the upcoming 7.7-inch model. All tablets are part of the big Galaxy Tab family, which is quite important for the manufacturer; just like the Galaxy series of smartphones. It’s a well-known brand that adds two new members: Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and Galaxy Tab 7.7.  At first glance, you may be tempted to say it’s one tablet, there are two different devices. Let’s compare their internal specs, in order to establish which one is more performant. None of them has been released, but they will hit the market anytime soon. If we take a closer look at their design, both tablets feature a similar form factor. A classic and chic appearance with rounded corners. The innovative Galaxy Tab 7.7” includes a brilliant metal design which makes it a portable and lightweight tablet. In terms of exact dimensions, the Tab 7.7-inch is lighter and slimmer than the Tab 7.0 Plus. Furthermore, it is taller with 3mm than the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Both are portable, sleek and great tablets for all on the go users.
As far as the display is concerned, the difference in size is very small. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus features an IPS LCD 7-inch touchscreen and a resolution of 600 x 1024 pixels, while the Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch comes with a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive screen plus a better resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels. What’s the difference between both displays? Manufactured by Samsung, they are the best in the market, delivering vivid and clear images. As you can observe, the SuperAMOLED Plus display has a better resolution.
In terms of camera, both tablets have an identical rear camera with 3.15MP with autofocus and LED flash combined with a secondary front facing 2MP camera for video calls or self portraits. Each of these two Samsung tablets capture videos at 720p. The only difference is that the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus has an extra feature: smile detection, while the Galaxy Tab 7.7 inch has only geo-tagging. So, practically, it’s a draw.
Obviously, both Android-based tablets use a fast dual core processor to provide fast web page loading, great multitasking and snoother UI transitions. While the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus uses a dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, the Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch includes Dual-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor. It has a higher frequency, which means it will run faster all your open applications.
In terms of RAM, both are equipped with 1 GB internal memory. Regarding the storage space, the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus comes with two versions: 16GB and 32GB with the posibility to expanded up to 64 GB via a micro SD card slot. On the other side, the Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch has three versions available: 16/32/64GB , also featuring a microSD card slot for expanded memory up to 32 GB.
Software wise, both tablets use Google’s platform, Android Honeycomb 3.2, the special operating system designed for tablets. Both will offer access to the Android Market where you can download thousands of apps for free or paid. There is also Samsung Hub, Voice Call plus Adobe Flash support. Both are compatible with Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth v 3.0.
Both tablets have similar internal specs with minor differences. The Wifi only Galaxy Tab 7 Plus 16GB version will hit the market on November 13th for $400 at retailers including Best Buy and Amazon, while the 32 GB costs $400. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch will also come at the market anytime soon, with no precise date about its price tag.

Hafiz - Untuk Kamu (Ombak Rindu OST)

Raut wajah…Mendamaikan…
Dan sesuci..Selembut hatimu..
Sinar mata…Mempersona…
Bagai gugur seluruh jantungku…
Aku Ingin engkau tahu…
Cinta aku satu…
Tercipta buat dirimu..
Hanya… Untuk kamu…

Aku ingin engkau tahu..
Cinta aku satu…..
Tercipta buat dirimu…
Hanya untuk kamu…

Ombak rindu...

3/12/11 - Aku, wife & adam pergi ke Space U8, Shah Alam utk tgk cita Ombak Rindu...tempat ni tempat baru so mmg takde masalah la nk beli tiket.Cita ni mmg best sbb pelakon2 dia kira mantap gak laa...this is a quality film that suma producer2 kat msia ni kena buat byk lagi cita2 mcm ni..dak gitu..so..alang2 dgr lagu background blog saya ni...so layan skali dia punya lyric ye..hehe..layannnn..

Lirik Lagu Ombak Rindu–Hafiz/Adira

Adira :
Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Hafiz :
Tuhan aku tahu banyak dosa ku
Hanya ingat Kamu kala duka ku
Namun hanya Kamu yang mampu membuka
Pintu hatinya untuk cintaku

Adira :
Malam kau bawalah rinduku
Untuk dirinya yang jauh dari ku
Agar dia tidak kesepian
Selalu rasa ada cinta agung

Hafiz :
Hujan bawa air mata ku
Yang mengalir membasuh luka ku
Agar dia tahu ku terseksa
Tanpa cinta dia di hatiku

Hafiz & Adira :
Hanya mampu terserah
Moga cahaya di penanti

Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya

Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hari ni saje-saja survey Samsung Galaxy Tab dkt Plaza Alam Central Shah Alam dgn wife & anakku Adam. Adam sgt2 excited tgk gajet ni dan kalau ikut dia nak suruh beli terus.Takpe adam..tunggu daddy and mummy decide dulu ye..hehe.. Harga yg di offer oleh kedai itu (Authorised Samsung dealer) ialah RM1799 utk model tab 8.9 ini iaitu harga selapas discount sebanyak RM100 (katanye).Pastu dia bole bagi free casing (market price 150++).

Tak kenal maka tak cinta..so balik je aku google kat internet dan dapat sikit info pasal tab ini dan aku share kan kat korang semua seperti di bwh ....



Tablets don't get much thinner or more compact than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. Cut from the same cloth as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this device is just as trim as its bigger-screened sibling (0.34 inches thick) and Apple's iPad 2 (0.34 inches). Samsung managed to shave the Tab 8.9's weight to just under a pound (0.98 pounds, to be exact). This may not sound like much compared to the Tab 10.1 (1.24 pounds) or the iPad 2 (1.35 pounds), but it makes a huge difference in everyday use, such as when reading for extended periods or playing games.
The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is noticeably thinner than the Acer Iconia Tab A100 (7.6 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches, 0.92 pounds) but a hair heavier. Of course, the A100 has a smaller 7-inch screen. However, we found the A100 easier to hold with one hand in portrait mode.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
The Tab 8.9's design is a very close match to the 10-inch Tab, featuring the same elegant glossy front panel edged in aluminum and rounded curves. The back is also crafted from gray plastic made to look like brushed metal, which isn't as classy as the iPad 2's all-aluminum backing.
With the Tab in landscape mode, a 2-megapixel camera sits above the screen while a slim power button, volume rocker, and headphone jack occupy the top edge. Running along the bottom lip are two tiny stereo speakers and a proprietary Samsung port. The backside sports the tablet's 3-megapixel camera and LED flash. Unfortunately, there's no SD card slot to increase the 16GB of onboard storage.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Display and Audio

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9's screen may seem quite small when compared to the 10-inch devices sweeping through the market, but it's by no means less compelling. As you'd expect from a company that also manufactures LCD panels and sells high-end HDTVs, the tablet's 8.9-inch (1280 x 800) LCD is gorgeous. It's sharp for its size and pumps out bright images in vivid color. Viewing angles are pleasingly wide, too.
Watching the HD YouTube trailer for Drive on the Galaxy Tab 8.9 was breathtaking, with deep shades of black, sparkling city lights, and the cool glow of car dashboards at night stunningly rendered. Christina Hendrick's red hair and Ryan Gosling's muscular Mustang also had the same impact as if we were watching it on a larger screen.
Like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 has a pair of tiny speakers, but here they are on the tablet's bottom edge instead of either side as with the Tab 10.1. Surprisingly, audio output was slightly louder on the smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 than on the Galaxy tab 10.1 when we played music on each tablet side by side. Though the sound was a tad more tinny than through the Tab 10.1's speakers, we could clearly hear bass guitar strums, high notes, and rich vocals in Neal Young's classic "Old Man." The J-Pop stylings of Utada Hikaru's "Keep Trying" also had us swaying to its catchy beats.

Software and Interface

Out of the box, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 runs the Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS plus Samsung's TouchWiz UX custom interface. Similar to Samsung Android smartphones such as the Galaxy S II, unlocking the device is done by pulling a virtual ring from the center of the screen outward in any direction. Users are then greeted by five home screens, which can be populated with multiple widgets and application shortcuts. TouchWiz UX also allows users to drag widgets, called Live Panels, to fit available space on the screen. Making a Live Panel larger in many cases adds extra functionality. For example, expanding the AccuWeather widget opens to a five-day forecast.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
The bottom of the screen also holds the new Mini Apps tray. Hitting an arrow in the center of the system bar displays icons for six of Samsung's proprietary applications (Calculator, Calendar, Music Player, Pen Memo, Task Manager, and World Clock), which can be opened on top of other running apps.
In keeping with other Honeycomb tablets, the bottom of the screen displays a persistent system bar with software keys for Back, Home, and Recent Applications--all of which look like futuristic line drawings. Like the Tab 10.1--and unlike many other tablets--Samsung also includes a handy screen capture button here.
Sitting in the lower right corner is a notification area where you'll find system-wide alerts, such as emails, downloads, time, plus network, and battery status. Tapping the area launches a larger view, and it lets you quickly toggle commonly tweaked tablet functions and access the full settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


Samsung offers five different keyboard layouts on the Tab 8.9, including Swype, Samsung's solution, and the default Android Honeycomb arrangement. The Samsung keyboard is functional but lacks a split-key layout, which would make typing in landscape mode much easier.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


Equipped with a powerful 1-GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 handled itself well on our benchmarks. The svelte tablet notched an impressive 3,112 on the Benchmark CPU test, more than 523 points higher than the current Android tablet average. This was in the same ballpark as the Wi-Fi-only model of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (3,158), the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (3,089), and the Acer Iconia Tab A100 (3,018).

Apps and Media

Samsung offers a good selection of software applications to use on the Galaxy Tab 8.9. Besides the typical Android Honeycomb staples such as Gmail, Latitude, and Movie Studio, some useful third-party apps include the Amazon Kindle app, Polaris Office for editing office documents, and the Pulse news reader.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung loads the device with its own software, including the Media Hub and Music Hub stores. A Social Hub app aggregates social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook into one convenient location.
Google's Market app also offers books and apps for sale and as an Nvidia Tegra 2-powered tablet, the Tab 8.9 can run specially optimized games available for download via the Nvidia TegraZone application.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Camera and Camcorder

Diehard shutterbugs won't be overly impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9's rear-facing 3-MP camera because it lacks the high resolution and extra features of many modern superphones. Still, it does snap pictures quickly (one second between shots). Samsung also throws in some scene modes, such as Landscape, Night, and Sports. Images we took outside were reasonably clear and colors were well saturated. Thanks to the LED flash, indoor shots were well exposed even in low-light conditions.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
The Galaxy Tab 8.9 can also capture video at 1280 x 720-pixel resolution.

More important is the Tab 8.9's front-facing 2-MP camera, which performed well during video chats. While gabbing with a friend over Google Talk, we were impressed with the image quality, and audio was in sync.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9's 6100 mAh Lithium polymer battery lasted a full 8 hours doing web surfing over Wi-Fi and light document viewing. The device should easily make it through a day's use without needing to charge.

Pricing and Value

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 costs $469 for the 16GB model and $569 for the 32GB version. By comparison, the iPad 2 costs $499 for 16GB and $599 for 32GB, and offers access to a much greater app library, expansive ecosystem of accessories, and a larger display. The Wi-Fi-only version of the larger-screened Galaxy Tab 10.1 costs about $30 more; $499 for the 16GB model and $599 for a 32GB unit.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9It's pretty remarkable that Samsung was able to squeeze the same parts from its 10-inch tablet into the Galaxy Tab 8.9. It performs just as well, and the screen and audio are both impressive. However, at $469, you'll need to spend almost as much to get your hands on this smaller slate than you would to buy the Tab 10.1. Consumers looking for a tablet they can hold in one hand would do better with the cheaper $329 Acer Iconia A100--or waiting for the upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. But if you want the higher-resolution screen of the Tab 10.1 in a more portable package, the Tab 8.9 is worth a look.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go go go Vietnam!!!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

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the effectiveness really unknown....and risk to be injured during exercise can be hazard ..
and if u sign up for a gym...the cost will be higher...

and most of us nowadays live in a busy and hectic life
we do not have much time to concentrate on exercising....
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so...what is the best solution to overcome this problem???
no diet pills....no liposuction...no exercise..??




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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lirik Lagu Dadali Di Saat Aku Mencintaimu Lyrics

mengapa kau pergi, mengapa kau pergi
di saat aku mulai mencintaimu
berharap engkau jadi kekasih hatiku
malah kau pergi jauh dari hidupku

menyendiri lagi, menyendiri lagi
di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi
tak pernah ada yang menghiasi hariku
di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku

aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku
kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencintai dirimu
aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku
kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencinta

menyendiri lagi, menyendiri lagi
di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi
tak pernah ada yang menghiasi hariku
di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku

repeat reff

semoga engkau kan mengerti tentang perasaan ini
maaf ku telah terbuai akan indahnya cinta (indahnya cinta)
maaf sungguh ku tak bisa (tak bisa) untuk kembali padamu
maaf ku telah terbuai akan indahnya cinta

repeat reff

aku inginkan dirimu datang dan temui aku
kan ku katakan padamu aku sangat mencinta

Open house di rumahku @ SU3

IMG-20110917-00465mini-DSCN1866mini-DSCN1865mini-DSCN1864mini-DSCN1863mini-DSCN1861 mini-DSCN1858mini-DSCN1857mini-DSCN1856mini-DSCN1855mini-DSCN1854mini-DSCN1853 mini-DSCN1852mini-DSCN1851mini-DSCN1850mini-DSCN1849mini-DSCN1848mini-DSCN1847 mini-DSCN1846mini-DSCN1844mini-DSCN1843mini-DSCN1842mini-DSCN1841mini-DSCN1840

raya 2011, a set on Flickr.

Debaran utk mencuba buat open house cum house warming pertama saya akhirnya telah terlaksana juga pada 17/9/11 yang lalu..alhamdulillah..

Ramai jugak sanak-sedara, jiran tetangga, dan sahabat handai yang telah sudi berkunjung ke open house yg dijalankan secara sederhana ini. Terima kasih kepada semua yg datang yang majoritinya dari jauh dan saya dan isteri mengucapkan terima kasih.

Anak Suki main guli, ada rezeki, tahun depan sy buat open house lagi..hehe..Insya Allah,

Doa-doakan saya sekeluarga panjang umur murah rezeki ye..amin...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

photo raye 2011

Selamat pulang ke rumah.....

Salam aidilfitri,

Semalam bersamaan 4 Syawal saya sekeluarga telah selamat pulang ke rumah di Saujana Utama 3, Sungai Buloh...perjalanan yang agak pendek iaitu dari rumah mertua di Teluk Panglima Garang menyebabkan aku tak sempat rasa kepenatan seperti org lain yang terpaksa menghabiskan perjalanan sehingga 8-9 jam (tak masuk jam lagi tu..hehe).
Sampai je rumah..dapat panggilan dari mak angkat adam kata nak singgah rumah. kami berbesar hati menerima kunjungan Mak Long, Pak Long & family. TQ sbb sudi datang ye..dorang siap tidur rumah lagi...adam mmg manja sesangat ngan dorang ni..maklum laa..dr kecik mmg dorang ni la yg jaga adam...
Hari ni raya lagi...TQ kepada yg sudi dtg iaitu Mak Wo, abg asyid, kak ida and family & zul & anna & family...seronok la org dtg rumah...maklum la...masa keje mmg tk sempat apa kan...cuti2 ni la masa yg ada pun..esok turn aku and family plak beraya..insya allah....
Last but not least...kpd sesapa yg pulang ke rumah esok, harap dapat berhati2 dlm perjalanan..rancanglah perjalanan agar selamat tiba ke destinasi dituju...


Friday, August 26, 2011

Berbuka puasa di sacc mall

Tempat kami berbuka puasa ni ialah Uncle K Nasi Kandar..sedap jgk la food dia..ramai giler org kat sini..makin malam makin ramai sbb ramai yg last minute shopping mcm kitorang jgk..ok..cya with the next episode :)
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin...

Di kesempatan ini, saya sekeluarga ingin mengambil kesempatan menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dan maaf atas apa jua salah silap yang telah kami lakukan samada sengaja atau tidak dan mintak halalkan makan dan minum kami selama ini. Harap semua bergembira dan selamat pulang ke kampung halaman mengunjungi sanak saudara samada jauh atau dekat. Berhati-hati ketika memandu agar selamat pergi dan balik ye...ok..cya...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hari Selasa Adam demam kemudian saya dan suami pun ambil keputusan menggunakan penapis air bio aura bagi mengurangkan kekerapan demam yang sering melanda Adam... kami akan sama2 lihat hasilnya TAPI HARUSLAH diiringi dengan doa dan tawakal padaNYA(ALLAH).. Dialah penentu segalanya... Insyaallah...
Hari Sabtu seperti biasa saya menghadiri sessi WAB dan terus mengambil keputusan untuk membeli dan memakai PB sebagaimana yang disarankan oleh rakan-rakan seperti Kak Anna, Amira, Rosilawati , Kak Ti dan tidak lupa juga CDM Hanim serta beberapa individu lain yang saya kenali dan mereka juga telah memakai PB... Alhamdulillah hasilnya memang menakjubkan .. baru sehari pakai berat badan saya dah turun sebanyak 1kg... tapi INGAT jika anda ingin memakainya ... anda haruslah konsisten dan JANGAN MALAS2 k...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Penapis Air Untuk Persediaan Hari Raya....

network network network

Teknologi NANO dalam Sistem Penapisan Air

Selaras dengan kemajuan Nano, Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System turut
menggabungkan inovasi saintifik dalamnya. Dengan Nano, ia dapat mencapai
fungsi membersih, mengalkali
dan memberi tenaga kepada air yang
diminum secara optimum.

Menghasilkan komponen bersifat Nano dan kandungan oksigen yang tinggi, menggalakkan pertumbuhan sel-sel badan yang sihat

Kandungan bio-tenaga yang berganda, meningkatkan keaktifan sel-sel tubuh badan

Molekul-molekul yang bersaiz nano menambahkan lagi keberkesanan penyerapan nutrien

Membekalkan kekayaan bahan-bahan mineral dan nutrien untuk keperluan kesihatan tubuh

Sistem penapisan air yang lebih efektif menghapuskan unsur-unsur toksin, bakteria, klorin dan logam berat supaya air selamat diminum

Menghilangkan bau yang tidak menyenangkan, menjadikan air lebih sedap diminum

Kualiti air bertenaga meningkatkan metabolisme, melancarkan sistem peredaran darah dan memperkuatkan sistem imunisasi badan

Nilai pH yang cenderung kepada beralkali setara dengan keperluan badan. Amalan minum air Bio Aura dapat memberikan kesan terapi terhadap susuk badan yang berasid

Menjamin kecantikan dan kehalusan kulit serta kesegaran makanan

Teknologi Nano, revolusi terkini yang membawa kepada kemajuan dunia dalam abad ke-21 ini. Ia berasal daripada perkataan Latin, dengan cirinya yang bersaiz KECIL - 1 nanometer = 0.000000001 meter

Ini jelas menunjukkan betapa kecilnya saiz nano, sehingga mencapai 1000 kali ganda lebih kecil daripada diameter rambut manusia

Menjelang era teknologi yang baru, Teknologi Nano luas diaplikasikan dalam pelbagai industri seperti perubatan, maklumat teknologi sehingga ke bidang elektronik dan komputer. Sebagai contohnya, sekeping disk bernano mampu menyimpan jumlah maklumat sehingga 10,000,000 kali ganda berbanding disk yang biasa. Ini turut membuktikan bahawa penggunaan Teknologi Nano bukan sahaja meningkatkan kualiti produk, malahan ia menambahkan kapasiti dan kebaikannya serta dapat mengurangkan pembaziran

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila klik di sini http://en.hai-o.com.my/bio-aura/
Jika berminat, sila hubungi kami untuk tempahan sekarang :
Su @012-2652138